What to Think While Designing a Promotional Jute Bag

Jute is a natural fibre. It is silk like material that becomes sturdy and durable after using chemical. Jute is a durable material that will be a perfect choice if you want to carry heavy load of food or books. It is reusable too unlike its plastic counterpart. When you throw out the plastic bags after every use, you can use these bags for several times. These bags are recyclable too.

Now, the demand of jute tote bags is increasing rapidly. Since totes are spacious as well as sturdy they are becoming a favourite item to use. Be it a stylish beach tote bag with easy breezy design or be it a promotional tote bag flaunting a logo, they are rage of the season. As promotional item the demand of jute tote bags is quite high. When the delegates are attending your seminar, they are obviously hoping some prestigious gift for themselves. What if they get jute tote bags instead of plastic cover files? They will love the idea. That accessory will not just carry your company logo but also will convey the message that you are socially responsible.

While choosing jute tote bags as your brand promotion you need to take care of a few things.LECC911

Focus on Fashion

While you are preparing a tote bag for your promotion, make it a bit fashionable. Remember that you need to think of fashion while you are choosing the jute tote bag for your delegates. Tote bags are extremely fashionable and quite favoured amongst stylish women. Your design of the tote bag should be like something that one can carry it everywhere.

Stress on Tagline

If you are a popular brand, using your logo only on the bag may work. But if you are not some who’s who then you need to make an impression and surely your logo cannot do that alone. Try to sport some tagline or motivational quote on your tote bag. They will be unique as well as stylish too.

Convey though Image

Try to print your bag with such colour, pattern or image that will flaunt the motto of your company. Suppose if you are a baby product company then you can design your bag with cartoon and images of babies and smilies. That will make your tote bag a perfect choice for promotional item.