Go Green

At present, the fashion trends have taken a huge plunge putting forth more importance on natural and eco friendly products. That’s the reason whenever it comes to procure the necessities in life people are looking to products which are not just trendy, stylish, comfortable but natural, bio degradable, reusable and recyclable as well. It is the era boasting conscious individuals who wholeheartedly stand for the greater objective of saving the Mother Earth and do their best to carry out the mission of “Going Green”. At Little Earth Commercial Pvt.Ltd., we add momentum to the noble effort and accelerate it by producing “Go Green” jute bags and other fashionable jute handicraft products that serve as the prime weapon to make the mission successful. We are a company based in Kolkata and have done a commendable service as a premier manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Jute products. It is our motto to save the nature from the harmful consequences put forward by the different polluting agents.
Little Earth Commercial Pvt.Ltd. has always promised great quality and maintained its excellence in terms of presenting its unique ranges of eco friendly bags and jute handicrafts. That’s the reason they are always trendy, stylish, designs and is perfect enough to define both your fashion attitude and the norm to save the world. Our designer range of environment friendly bags is manufactured with 100% natural fiber and the unique designs put forward an alluring context that makes them a ready to grab option at all time and to everyone.
Being a leading cotton, canvas and jute bags manufacturer, we design bags that are truly bio-degradable, reusable and recyclable and these make them absolutely an eco friendly option. Our reusable range of eco friendly bags is made up of cotton, jute, canvas and non woven materials.
We own a wide-ranging catalogue which includes a variety of materials, finishes, designs, sizes, prints, colors, shapes for the bags we offer. Our recycled, reusable range include jute, cotton and canvas tote bag, wine bags, cosmetics pouch bags, drawstring bags, shopping bags, non woven bags, Christmas bags, promotional bags, laundry bags , beach bags and the list continues on and on.
We design recycled, reusable bags for promotional purposes bearing the logo and the other whereabouts of the organizations and they work like walking billboards conveying the message that needs to be rendered about the company’s objectives, policies, services and obviously the advantages of switching to them. At the same time the customer will have a glimpse of the high moral value, sociability and environment friendly attitude. That’s a plus no doubt.
We also offer the option of having personalized bags according to the discretion of the customer and towards fulfillment of their specific needs. Prompt delivery is another advantage we render to make you happy. To communicate with us, drop an email at info@littleearthgroup.com or you can even browse through our extensive range of products available online. You will get hooked for sure.