About Us

Little Earth Commercial Pvt.Ltd. is one of the leading names among the trusted manufactures and exporters of eco friendly bags and other jute handicraft products. We are based in Kolkata and produce high quality bags made of jute, cotton, canvas, organic cotton, JUCO etc. Our range of designs, patterns and styles are trendy enough to cater to every requirement and moreover we even offer personalized selections to make way to the specific need of the clients. We use 100% natural, reusable and recyclable jute fibers and other natural fibers to make our products.
Our aim lies in manufacturing quality bags in various stylish, affordable and trendy designs. Our range of bag includes all kinds of shopping bags, promotional bags, tote bags, draw string bags, pouch bags, mesh bags, fancy beach bags and many more.
Our bags bear a designer appeal and cater to the latest fashion trends well. We promote the use of such natural bags in order to reduce the existing pollution level and preventing the chance of further pollution. The bags we produce are cost-effective alternative to non bio-degradable bags made of paper or plastic material. We conform to high standards when it comes to the quality of such bags.
Our products are fashionable and useful at the same time and hence they bear a mark of versatility in them. Our collection of natural bags is available in a variety of price range to suit the budget of different clients. You can select your choice of bag from a variety of attractive colour, print and texture. We try our best to render maximum customer satisfaction and value their taste, need and preferences above everything. Our designers take all the initiatives to create an effective design approach with the use of best quality raw materials.

Why Choose Us?

We customize the design of our bags in accordance with needs of clients for serving the purpose of product promotion, advertising campaign or for any special events. These bags are reasonably priced. We offer prompt product delivery service and cater to bulk orders. We are a reliable and trusted brand known for using superior quality raw materials in the production of natural bags. You can find us online and are welcome to browse our exclusive range any time. We are always ready to serve you and offer you with the best-in-class products.
Some very basic qualities  that we follow are as follows:
  • We use export quality jute ( 14 X 15 Type weaving) as required we use other types based on the type of bags.
  • We also manufacture bags made from certified organic cotton, soyabean protein fabric, banana fabric, bamboo fabric, linen, silk, satin, velvet etc.
  • Cotton and canvas as per the thickness as per requirement.
  • Various treatment are done such as mould free, odour free, softening etc so that self life of the bags increases drastically.
  • Lamination is done with Virgin – grade poly granules. This helps the bag to be firm and waterproof.
  • Variety of printing options in Single /Multiple Colours with options of AZO-FREE, Regular Pigment, Metallic, Fusion, Digital, Heat Transfer.
Options of choosing different types of handles, like handmade, cane, bamboo, cotton etc.