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Now days, the Jute industry is expanding. Jute bags are made of the Jute which is also known as the natural golden fiber with silk smooth shine. Jute bags are extremely seasoned & strong, recyclable, eco-friendly, cost effective, and brilliant for multipurpose usage. Little Earth is the absolute one stop way out for wholesale jute bags supplier. As we all know that, jute doesn’t generate awful substances, and it is an amazing alternative for plastic bags, there is no possibility of nature pollution in near future.


Little Earth, the leading wholesale jute bags supplier would like to make this world a greener. In recent times a lot of ventures have initiated by Little Earth.Bags have always been vital addition to carry multipurpose things. Over the time the bags are not essential commodities, but fashion statement too. For women, jute bags have been practically essential, still men also carry them for utility purposes.
Little Earth, wholesale jute bags supplier is solely dedicated to the consumers & exporters along with all the Indian handcrafted jute items, jute bags, and a lot more. Our products are beautifully crafted, rich in variety and 100% natural and bio-degradable. We crafted our products exclusively in remote places in India. We are providing absolute ecofriendly & recyclable jute bags along with strong texture & longevity, as we realize the hazardous state of nature. As compared to plastic bags, one can use jute bags roughly.More importantly jute bags don’t need regular washand it can hold more weight.

Needless to say, it is proven point that we are entering in the world of this magical fiber. The acceptance & popularity behind jute products around the world is just because jute is one of the most treasured, versatile & valued natural possessions of India. So if you are looking for wholesale jute bags supplier, you can consider Little Earth which provides numerous styles, and ranges of jute bags in different colors, sizes and quality.

It is a known fact now that plastic and the materials that have been generated from plastic are quite harmful to our nature. Plastic is non bio degradable. As a result, it stays in the environment for decades and keeps on harming the atmosphere. Plastic is not reusable and non recyclable. It is a total waste since the manufacturing of plastic causes a huge amount of loss of natural resources.


As people are becoming more and more aware of the negative effects of plastic on nature and mother earth, they prefer to choose the eco friendly materials like jute, non woven fabric or cotton. Cotton is scoring quite high amongst the users all around the world.


Cotton is durable material. It is soft and smoother than the jute counterpart of it. Cotton has been the most favoured item amongst people when it comes to dresses. Now with time, cotton is also becoming the fabric for bags and accessories too. Cotton is durable and sturdy. It survives for ages and can be used for hundred times as well. It is washable too.
The best thing about cotton is it can be a perfect shock absorber too. The material absorbs any impact and saves the goods and food carried inside.  

Tote bags are one of the most favourite accessories amongst young women these days. They are spacious and easy to carry around. When they are made of cotton that is why they are design friendly too. When these bags come in easy breezy prints and fun patterns they are amazingly stylish to carry around. When you are going to college or going for a day out with friends cotton tote bags are perfect to make your day brighter. You can carry your world in them.


These cotton tote bags are affordable. That makes them all the more charming. Cotton tote bags can also be personalised. You can design them with screen print and personalise them with funny cartoons or special taglines that can be your statement too.

Why to use eco-friendly bag

Most of us are familiar with the picture of various types of bags hanging at the entrance of the grocery stores or the retail outlets labelled as eco-friendly bags. The shopkeepers or the retail chain owners urge us to use these bags as a greener alternative to plastic and paper bags since these do not harm the environment. While all these sound great, most of us do not have the slightest idea about how this helps the environment. Let us take a look at how the use of these eco-friendly bags helps us keep our city green.


• The eco-friendly bag manufacturers mostly use natural fabrics or PP fabrics which are perfectly decomposable. As opposed to plastic bags these do not litter the city and are not the reason behind the clogging of the sewage lines.


• The paper bags, while being decomposable also is in a way a menace to the environment. The manufacturing of paper requires immense amount of water and results in water pollution. Also paper cannot be recycled more than 3 times. These eco-friendly bags are made of much sturdier material and do not need water in their manufacturing process. Also these can be easily recycled a number of times.  

• The paper and plastic bag manufacturing process emits a lot of air pollutant as well. The eco-friendly bag manufacturers use methods which are not harmful to the environment.


Thus using these eco-friendly bags indeed help keep the environment green and clean.


Eco-friendly bag manufacturing can be a great green business

Becoming an eco-friendly bag manufacturer can be a great business initiative as well. On one hand there is a green tag to the business which definitely gives your brand image a major boost. Also with the increase in the interest in eco-friendly bags in the global scale this is the right time to get some great deals and make major profit from the business.


Provide multiple services


Besides being an eco-friendly bag manufacturer you can also start your own screen printing press. The eco-friendly bags are also serving as major marketing tool. Almost every business in the international market is now using the bags as a means to make their brand visible to a large market segment. They will definitely help you to carve out a niche in the market at ease.

When you are invited in the house warming ceremony of a friend or invited to attend a dinner at your boss’s place, obviously you get confused about what you want to gift them. When it’s the birthday of your significant one you must be thinking what will be a perfect gift for him/her that will be a little thoughtful s well as not extravagantly expensive. If you are going through such a dilemma then here is an alternative for you. Gift them with eco-friendly items. They are thoughtful, they are not expensive and they will speak of your sense of social responsibility too.

You must be wondering what can be such items that will not only win your loved one’s heart but also will impress them of your choice too. Let us help you with a few suggestions.

Flip Flop Doormatsimg_34

What can be a perfect gift in the home warming ceremony for a friend? Gift them a beautiful and colourful piece of flip flop doormat. A doormat made of recycled flip flop material is surely a green gift for any person. It is not just responsible but cool too. Available in various colours and textures these doormats are perfect as they are quite useful too.

Potted Plant

When you are thinking about gifting something eco friendly why not gift a potted plant? There are many people who appreciate receiving plants as gifts. You can gift your friend a rosemary bush or an aloe vera plant. They will give your friend’s room a feeling of warmth and freshness. They are low maintenance and useful too.

Jute wine Bag

When you are attending a dinner at your boss’s place or a formal event at a friend’s place you can easily gift them a wine bag made of jute. Jute is a recyclable material and it is eco friendly too. Moreover a designer wine bag made of jute is a blend of style and class together.

The usual gifts are made of plastic. Now you already know that plastic is not a bio degradable material. That is why it is always a better idea to gift something which itself a piece of nature.

Take a look at the collection of the in style trendy jute pouch bag. These are extremely cute and well designed ones made of superior fabrics and materials. You have the finest range of hand bags, shopping bags, and wine bags, carry bags and beach bags. In fact, based on various necessities the bags have been designed and styled accordingly and you would really wonder at the exclusive display of bag shapes and sizes.

The Classy Jute Pouches LE910

There are even trendy jute bags with company names and business logos. When packing the stuffs great care is taken in order to save the integrity and quality of the bags. You have the class section of the trendy jute bags in all exciting colours and shapes. You even have the ideal range of jute pouch bags. The bags are stitched making use of the highest quality jute and several contemporary techniques utilized to make the pouches appear so neat and decent to be carried to all classy places. The bags come with innovative designs and you would prefer the long lasting material with the aesthetic patterns and designs.

The Exotic Range of Jute Pouches

Most of the trendy jute pouches are made of durable and perfect raw materials and even the latest technology is adopted to make the bags appear so trendy and age specific. The bags can meet with quality international standards and they appear in variety of styles, colours and patterns. You would love the bag for the sort of stylish appearance being exhibited and can one really contemplate at the stuff for being, appealing, reliable and durable. One can even opt for the designer pouch bag. The quality of jute used is really of perfect standard and the dyes are natural. These are features you can consider while opting for the pouches at the first sight. Moreover, the pouch has a little string and handle and they can perfectly go with the traditional female attires.

There are many wholesale jute bags supplier in the market. Little Earth Group is one such website or a brand who is suppliers of wholesale jute bags in the market. They are expert producers of jute bags and printed jute bags that has an elegant design and look for it. Most people like using jute bags as an alternative to plastic and paper bags. Jute bags are robust and are very Eco friendly too. India is one of the largest producers of jute can export large quantities of jute related products and jute itself to nations that does not cultivate the jute crop. LE912

If you are not sure where to begin, there are many jute bag suppliers that you can find when you do a Google search. There are many websites that offer you a number of wholesale jute bag suppliers. Best jute bags are made in India. Jute bags could also be found with prints and various colors or designs online. Anyone who is looking for a jute bag is a good choice. Such bags have designers and manufacturers those who have a wide range of materials to be chosen from. There are many online shops to consider, with wholesale jute bags suppliers are known to be one of the best in the industry.

You can also shop from various retail outlets for jute bags, including designer bags, different designs, patterns and prices of retail with wholesome amounts. A printed carrier bag is in great demand. They might have different patterns, designs and wholesale amounts. You can find wholesale jute bags supplier online. They supply a whole lot of printed carrier bags that will be able to find a small bag or a big jute bag. Visit their website at ‘little earth group’ for more details.

Jute is a natural fibre. It is silk like material that becomes sturdy and durable after using chemical. Jute is a durable material that will be a perfect choice if you want to carry heavy load of food or books. It is reusable too unlike its plastic counterpart. When you throw out the plastic bags after every use, you can use these bags for several times. These bags are recyclable too.

Now, the demand of jute tote bags is increasing rapidly. Since totes are spacious as well as sturdy they are becoming a favourite item to use. Be it a stylish beach tote bag with easy breezy design or be it a promotional tote bag flaunting a logo, they are rage of the season. As promotional item the demand of jute tote bags is quite high. When the delegates are attending your seminar, they are obviously hoping some prestigious gift for themselves. What if they get jute tote bags instead of plastic cover files? They will love the idea. That accessory will not just carry your company logo but also will convey the message that you are socially responsible.

While choosing jute tote bags as your brand promotion you need to take care of a few things.LECC911

Focus on Fashion

While you are preparing a tote bag for your promotion, make it a bit fashionable. Remember that you need to think of fashion while you are choosing the jute tote bag for your delegates. Tote bags are extremely fashionable and quite favoured amongst stylish women. Your design of the tote bag should be like something that one can carry it everywhere.

Stress on Tagline

If you are a popular brand, using your logo only on the bag may work. But if you are not some who’s who then you need to make an impression and surely your logo cannot do that alone. Try to sport some tagline or motivational quote on your tote bag. They will be unique as well as stylish too.

Convey though Image

Try to print your bag with such colour, pattern or image that will flaunt the motto of your company. Suppose if you are a baby product company then you can design your bag with cartoon and images of babies and smilies. That will make your tote bag a perfect choice for promotional item.