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Wine is something which is a popular choice for making a gift to the one who understands its value. There are certain occasions such as Christmas, weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, new years that call for wines as one of the most delightful gifts. Now, putting the wine bottle just in a normal gift wrap doesn’t do justice to the aura of the item inside. Therefore, an element of uniqueness should certainly be there to put forth the appeal of the item. The wine bags made of jute are just great options to carry the cherishing wine as a gift to the near and dear one.

Little Earth Group - wine bags

The wine bags are made in different shapes and sizes in order to carry a varied range of containers. They bear a multitude of designs and patterns. They are often available in forms that can carry more than one container. The bags are generally made of Jute fibre, which is 100% natural, bio degradable, sustainable and recyclable. Thus, gifting wine in a jute wine bag reveals your conscious effort to save the planet from the harmful effect of plastic and other inorganic pollutants. If someone is following a green lifestyle then a jute wine bag would be the perfect option to flaunt your green outlook.

Jute fibre can sustain great weight and is absolutely safe for carrying food items. Thus jute wine bags are the perfect option as wine is meant for human intake and the bottles are at favourably heavier side. Therefore, the next time you plan to gift wine to your pal with a cherishing bottle of wine then just make sure to carry it in an eco-friendly wine bag made of jute. You will just surprise your buddy and will have a long lasting effect in the minds of all the guests present in the gathering.

The stylish beach tote bags made of Jute are the trendiest options during recent times and they play a very important part in the green movement taking place around the world. Jute is one of the essential elements in preaching the message of protecting the environment from the hazardous consequences put forward by plastic and other inorganic materials.  Thus the planet Earth remains safe and secure.

The tote bags meant for Little Earth Group - Beach Bagbeach bear innovative designs, styles and patterns.  They often come with handcrafted wooden handles and the jute texture of the bag and the wooden finish of the handles accentuates each other to a great degree. . The wooden element nicely complements the rugged yet soft and earthy tinge of Jute.  This is the reason why the style and environmental conscious individuals of the present generation always look for the perfect jute bag accessorised with a finely crafted wooden handle.

The new-gen youths are always on the move and the jute tote bags fit well to their fast and contemporary life. The stylish digital prints and the funky one liner are popular choices of designs for the bags.  They are also great selections to gain the attraction of the young generation. . Thus the jute tote bags are not just acting as the driving force of the environmental revolution but they are also standing bold as one of the most sought after style statement of the present time.  They are something which is here to stay and rule the fashion domain at ease.

As the world is becoming seemingly conscious about fighting the environmental hazards so it is steadily switching to options which are eco – friendly.  Jute is one of the popular picks in terms of environmental compliance as it is a cent percent natural fibre, bio degradable, sustainable and recyclable.  The fibre is grown with limited use of pesticides and chemical elements and that is the reason it stands second after cotton.

little earth - jutebagsIf you wish to make use of a strong and long lasting promotional or shopping bag which would not harm the environment then shift to reusable promotional jute bags. Take a close look the bag you have been using for carrying your groceries in, is that bag harming the environment around? As an inhabitant of earth it is our responsibility that we give up all sorts of habits that are harmful to the planet and ban use of plastic. Little Earth Group provides various kinds of customised promotional bags made out of 100% natural fibres. Why choose natural products? Whenever you choose a reusable bag you are minimizing waste generation. Plastic bags have become a problem since they do not degrade easily and leave a large carbon foot print on degrading. The biodegradable bags on the other hand they can be reused for a long time before they degrade back to earth without harming them. The eco-conscious population of the 21st century are now more cautious about their actions. Shifting to these reusable bags will solve the problem of overcrowded landfills all over the world. If compared the tough bag made out natural jute fibre can last as long as 300 conventional bags. Thus, they are great for boosting environment awareness. These bags are mainly produced using natural fibres that of cotton and jute which are carbon neutral and not harmful like that of the oil-based synthetics. Where to buy these bags from? There are various online portals and retail stores who sell a wide range of jute and cotton bags that can be used for multiple reasons. Surf through the internet to find the best site to suit your interest. The reusable promotional jute bags and totes are great for carrying your shopping, groceries and many more. They are used for fundraising and various types of promotional events. This has been proven to be a very effective method of winning the loyalty of the customers. If you are looking for promotional products, the reusable promotional jute bags are one of the best options available. You can get the needed information about your business on it and give it out to your customers. These customers will use them for several times attracting others to notice about your business.

Little earth jute beach bagsLiving a healthy life is very much essential. Unfortunately, with today’s fast life, staying healthy is not always easy. For this very reason, it is important to do activities which are good for your body and also for the environment. Did you know that one of the best ways to keep organized is by using amazing eco-friendly tote bags?

You can get a wide variety of tote bags. Large scale options of customised totes from eco-friendly jute to can vas or cotton bags, offer you to make the perfect choice to meet your requirement. Be it a durable daily use tote bag or stylish beach tote bags, the market has plenty of options to offer you. You must know the changes these carriers bring about in the planet. A daily habit will be the best example to prove the point. Every time you purchase grocery, you get a new plastic bag. But plastics are extremely hazardous to the environment as they are non-biodegradable. On the other hand, if you carry reusable jute tote bags, there will be a dramatic cut down on the usage of plastic bags. Hence, the environment will also be able to breathe freely. Jute is 100 per cent natural, bio-degradable and sustainable fibre. If you want to have a perfect bag to carry to the sea beach, check out stylish beach tote bags. These bags are available almost in any design, colours and artwork. With these bags, you can definitely be the beach diva. Since the bags are made of jute, you can easily wash off the sand from the bag after you retire back from the beach.

Whenever we think of cotton, two words come to our minds immediately- soft and safe. Cotton is widely grown in India and is used for making fabrics to produce clothing and bags. It is 100% natural and is very durable. The cotton fibre is super fine, soft and breathable thus, safe for regular use in hot and humid countries like India.

Any other synthetic or duplicate material will hardly reach the level of softness offered by the organic cotton. Other than being eco-friendly, these affordable cotton tote bags are very durable and very popular amongst the urban population round the globe.

What makes the cotton bags so durable?

Cotton gets this extreme durability from the series of micro-fibres which develop elasticity when threaded and spun. This elasticity saves the fabric from various wear and tears; making it very comfortable to wear and have a long life span. This also lends the cotton to have a breathable texture and it is thus, ideal for making bags and clothes.

Little Earth Jute bags

Other than being very light and breathable fabric, they are capable of carrying a considerable amount of weight. They are an absolute necessary element for our daily uses. You can easily carry your everyday contents of your purse or groceries or documents and papers or even a laptop. These bags are bestowed with the advantage of being highly absorbable. They are well resistant to organic solvents, acids from batteries, insects, microorganisms and the sunray.

The softness of cotton makes it user friendly and very dependable. Polyester bags are also very durable but. We all know they are not as soft as the cotton bags are and at times they might even cause various kinds of irritation and allergies to the user’s skin. It is because of all the above mentioned attributes of the affordable cotton tote bags they are highly in demand by the environmental conscious people of 21st century. Little Earth Group has a great variety of such totes at very affordable prices along with other kinds of bags falling in the eco-friendly category.

Little Earth Fancy BagsThe most famous bags of amongst the youth of the 21st century: the fancy canvas bags. They are widely available at the fairs and exhibitions. You can find them at few corporate occasions too. The most bought type of the fancy canvas bags is the customized totes.

The customized bags are uber stylish and very colourful. They will be the most striking feature of outfit for sure. For example, when they are gifted to the employees of a certain company with its name imprinted on it- it becomes a great advertising product. They serve the process of publicity and promotion very can carry the logos and messages of the companies on them very easily and still look pretty.

They are excellent gifts too. The person it will be gifted to will be surely surprised to receive such an out of the box present. It a great choice for all sorts of corporate gifts also. They are very affordable and when bought in a large quantity the prices become negligible.

The biggest benefits of the imprinted bags are that they can used by the schools and NGOs. All the organizations who are striving to achieve a better environment can easily use these bags to accelerate their on-going campaigns.

•How to buy canvas bags? If you need to buy them in bulk you could visit the wholesale retailers near your area. If you do not have the time to visit such shops you can simply order them over the internet. The e-commerce site like the Little Earth Group has a huge variety of bags to suit all needs of the customers.

There are various methods of printing on the canvas bags. You can get it customised according to your needs and even print your motto or message on it. Inquire directly with the manufacturers. If noticed carefully the costs of these bags are very low if ordered in a bulk plus they do not hurt the environment either.